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I Quit Devotion Day One

Romans 8:28

“And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.”

Today, we begin our daily devotion emails for all Fall Growth Group Members. I’m so glad you are part of a Growth Group this fall! It’s going to be a great experience of spiritual growth. My prayer for you this fall is that your relationship with God and others will grow to a whole new level!


There are FIVE COMMITMENTS that I believe will make this possible:

1) Keep up with your weekly readings in God in the Marketplace by Henry Blackaby. The best way to do this is in your daily devotion or quiet time.

2) Read the daily devotion email written by one of our Fall Growth Group Leaders sent each day at 6am. Take their personal challenges to heart and put them into practice.

3) Attend each Sunday of the “I Quit” teaching series over the next 8 weeks. Each week, we will further explore biblical concepts for a successful career.

4) Fully participate in your Fall Growth Group each week. Listening and learning fro your fellow Growth Group Members will encourage and grow you and you’ll likewise do the same for them. And, you will build some new friendships along the way!

5) Continue to invite your friends, co-workers, and neighbors to attend on a Sunday with you during this series. Everyone struggles with the career and life issues we are discussing in this series. I also believe this series can have a profound impact in the lives of your friends who are not yet followers of Jesus.

If you will take these five commitments to heart and put them into practice this fall, you will experience a Romans 8:28 life (see above for the full verse). Even if you think something isn’t “good” right now, God will work it out for His good.

One final thought: maybe you think your job isn’t “good” right now. But if you apply what we are going to study over the next two months, you will see God work ‘good’ through you and through your career.

For example, over the next few weeks you may be used by God to invite a co-worker to church. Or perhaps you will find out that your mission field IS your career. Just imagine what God can do in your life this fall.

Know of my love and prayers for you.

Pastor Nelson

Nelson Searcy is the founding and lead pastor of The Journey Church. He and his wife Kelley, along with their son Alexander, moved to Boca Raton, FL four years ago to start The Journey Church there. This is the first devotion he has written since he turned 43-years old on Friday.