To support global and U.S. missions (including missionaries sent by The Journey).
We are a church that supports missions. This focus will continue as we assist missionaries around the globe who are reaching out to every identified people group, especially those in highly unchurched countries. Through cooperative efforts with other mission-minded churches, we are designating a portion of the Special Offering to support 3,000+ North American Missionaries and 5,000+ International Missionaries.
To continue our impact in South Africa for children impacted by HIV/AIDS.
For the last decade, we have been expanding our impact in South Africa through First City Baptist Church (East London) and their ministry to children who live in difficult circumstances. Many of their families have been impacted by HIV/AIDS.
Through the SHOWING WE CARE Special Offering we will continue to help expand
and improve Hope Schools. When we started supporting the school through our Special Offering there were just a handful of pre-schoolers. Now the school educates over 250 students pre-k through 10th grade.
We are proud to send multiple mission teams to South Africa to serve with Hope Schools again in 2020. Your giving will have a tangible impact on the lives of these children THIS YEAR!
To support new church starts in Buffalo and South Florida.
We are a “church that starts churches.” Besides Manhattan – we’ve started or helped start churches in Queens, Staten Island, Boca Raton, Tampa, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Buffalo and in Silicon Valley. And through the SHOWING WE CARE Special Offering we will help two of our new church starts in Buffalo & Boca Raton.
Mark Rouse helped The Journey start a new church in Queens in 2009. A few years ago he moved to Buffalo (his home town) to start Epic Church Buffalo. About the same time, The Journey started a campus in one of the most unchurched spots in South Florida – Boca Raton.
If we are able to reach our Special Offering goal – The Journey will invest in the new building campaigns at both Epic Church & The Journey-Boca Raton as they move into their first permanent meeting locations. It’s a great way for us in NYC to invest in new churches across the country!

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