Through Evangelism
and Inner-City Ministries

To meet the spiritual and physical needs of the less fortunate
in our city through Inner-City and Community Ministries.

We are a church that serves the “least of these.” Through the TRANSFORMED Special Offering we have a unique opportunity to help those in the greatest need in our city, both spiritually and physically. We will partner with local organizations that are making a real difference in the lives of the less fortunate.

That’s why we partner with Graffiti Community Ministries on the Lower East Side to support their after-school programs for kids and youth, clothing and food programs for the poor and job training and GED programs.

To reach the people of NYC in creative ways
with the life-changing love of Jesus.

A recent study from the Barna Research Group shows that the Northeast is the most unchurched region of the country, and New York City ranks as one of the most “post-Christian” cities in America. That’s why New York City is still our greatest mission field.

With over 20 million people living in the Metro New York City area, 8.5 million people in the five boroughs and 1.6 million in Manhattan, there are millions of people in our sphere of influence who don’t have a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

The TRANSFORMED Special Offering will help expand our evangelism efforts here in NYC (including our Servant Evangelism efforts and other creative outreaches) so we can continue to reach our city with the love of Jesus!

To provide love and support to those
impacted by human trafficking in NYC.

In 2018 we will partner with a great New York City-based Christian organization called RESTORE NYC to serve and provide hope to women who are survivors of sex trafficking.

Restore NYC provides services, assessments, a safe home and economic empowerment programs for those escaping from or at risk of human trafficking. Through the TRANSFORMED Special Offering we will be able to support their holistic work.

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