Congratulations on taking the step to serve and lead as a Growth Group Leader! As a Growth Group Leader at The Journey, you play a big part in fulfilling the mission of our church and helping people become fully-developing followers of Jesus! As a Leader, you have the awesome privilege and responsibility of impacting lives and encouraging people to continue in their journey and grow in their faith.

And as a church, we want to do everything possible to help you succeed in this area! That’s why we’ve created this page JUST FOR YOU so you can have access to trainings, resources, and materials that will help you prepare, care for, and lead your Growth Group in a way that makes an impact and honors God. So take a look around at the different materials provided to help you lead a successful group this semester.

Know that you are being prayed for this semester, and we are excited to see how God uses you to impact peoples’ lives and help them grow in their relationships with God!

Listen as Pastor Kerrick and some other Journey pastors give an update on Growth Groups at The Journey and discuss how to effectively lead growth groups online.

Journey Summer 2020 Growth Group Leader Covenant

Thank you for serving as a Growth Group Leader/Coordinator at The Journey. As a Growth Group Leader/Coordinator you will be viewed by those in your group as a leader in the church. As a result, we ask that you enter into covenant with the other Growth Group Leaders/Coordinators by making the following commitments:

1. I will embody and reflect the values and principles of The Journey and will follow the leadership of the Staff Team.

2. I will faithfully attend The Journey on Sundays and:
• Participate in the church by becoming a member and giving in a measurable way.
• Leading my group in serving together once a month.

3. I will make my Growth Group a priority by:
• Faithfully attending my Growth Group.
• Preparing beforehand for my group each week.
• Inviting and welcoming others to join my group.
• Identifying New Leaders in my Growth Group.
• Serving and inviting my group to serve on Sundays.

4. I understand that I am responsible for the care of my Growth Group. As a result, I will:
• Pray for the individuals in my group.
• Follow up with each person in my group.
• Lead my group in providing care for one another.

5. I will strive to create an environment of growth in my group by:
• Involving as many people as possible in group discussion.
• Creating a safe, comfortable and welcoming environment.
• Beginning and ending on time.

6. I will intentionally share my faith with those around me by:
• Reaching out to lost and unchurched friends and inviting them to The Journey.
• Encouraging my Growth Group Members to reach out to lost and unchurched friends and inviting them to The Journey.

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Leader Covenant

Training Notes

Member Covenant

Sample Syllabus

If you have any questions or need any help with your Growth Group, just email us at [email protected] or call our office at 212.730.8300, ext. 204.