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I Quit Devotion Day Eight

Acts 20:24

“But my life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus, the work of telling others the Good News about the wonderful grace of God.”

Have you ever been in a race before?

If you have, you might have noticed that people don’t really pay much attention to how you start that race. Personally, I could start a marathon and be close to the leader for the first mile. After that, I would likely pass out, throw up – or some scary combination of the two. Why? I haven’t trained for a marathon.

In order to finish well, you have to train well. Simple idea, I know. But think about it – how you train has everything to do with how you finish in life. That determines whether you run your life as a sprinter, or a marathoner.

If you’re a sprinter, I have some bad news. Life is a marathon. There are times where everything is going great – you’re running downhill. And there are the other times, when you’re sweating bullets, gasping for air, and just want to give up.

Here’s the thing: the difficult seasons of life are exactly the moments that we are training for.

So, how do we train in life?

Simple – trust, follow, and obey Jesus every day – just like you’re training for a marathon. Consistency is key! Jesus went through tough times, but he claimed victory. The amazing thing is he invites us to share in his triumph.

Don’t believe me? Look no further than the empty tomb. For the three days after Jesus died on the cross, there was hopelessness, defeat, and sorrow. But, then Jesus came back to life. When that happened, hope was restored, victory was claimed, and now, nothing can hold us back.

In the dark times of life, continue to open your Bible every day and put your eyes on Jesus. He’s running with you through your circumstances into the victory on the other side.

Today, choose to never let those circumstances take your eyes off of the one who is walking through your circumstances with you. In Christ, every valley in life will lead to victory. Every tough time will turn to triumph. And every ounce of pain will be transformed into joy.

– Eric

Eric Armonaitis is the Director of Volunteers at The Journey and oversees the College Ministry at the Journey. He loves reading, making music, spending time with friends over a fantastic meal, and watching the Atlanta Braves (not this season). Eric moved from South Carolina to NYC in 2013. He now lives on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.