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I Quit Devotion Day Fifty Three

Isaiah 32:8

"But generous people plan to do what is generous, and they stand firm in their generosity."

TO DO list:

1. Decorate the purple wall in my room that I painted over 5 months ago. 
2. Set up the sensor driven air canister in hopes it will deter my cat from incessantly meowing and scratching at my roommate’s door. (sorry Megan!) 
3. Plan a trip to New Zealand.
4. Start up and operate a successful business.  
5. Write this devotion 

That last one has been particularly hard for me to accomplish for some reason.  I’m not sure why because in my spare time I like to write devotion entries for an online blog.  For example, I’m currently on the subway and just saw a quote in graffiti that I wanted to write about.  I got distracted, stopped writing this devotion, and immediately started a new note in my iPod with the quote and opening sentence.  I then realized I was letting myself get distracted from this devotion and went back to it.

Being generous is essentially doing something that is beyond what is expected.  By volunteering to write a devotion, I was being generous with my time and whatever writing talent that I have.  I didn’t have to spend my time this way.  I could be reading that book I’ve been wanting to read or writing about that quote I just saw.
But the thing is, I planned to be generous and write this devotion when I put my name on the sign-up list.  Without that initial decision/plan, it probably wouldn’t have happened.  Instead, I’d be working on something else on my to do list.
What is on your to do list?  Have you made a decision to use your time, talent, or money in a way that goes beyond what is expected?  Is there someone in your life that needs an extra dose of your time, talent, or money?  I challenge you to pray about it and take the action God leads you to take.  Plan to do what is generous.  Refuse to let distractions get in the way.  Acting in God’s will leads to firm ground and that’s the best footing to have in this unpredictable world.


Ashley Braley currently lives in Astoria and works in the field of fashion.  After writing this devotion, she has decided she needs to send an encouraging note to her mom.