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I Quit Devotion Day Forty Four

Titus 3:1

"Remind the believers to submit to the government and its officers. They should be obedient, always ready to do what is good."

I asked my boss if he thought I was obedient to him and he didn’t know until we defined what obedience is. We looked on Google and it defines obedience as “compliance with an order, request, or law or submission to another’s authority.” He rated me at about 40% obedience to him. My boss placed himself at 100% obedience to his boss, and my coworkers rated themselves at 95%. I wanted to rally my coworkers that it really benefits our boss to be fully obedient and that we should get at being fully 100% obedient.

One benefit to obedience is that it can help my boss have more power to impact the areas he has influence over. Of the highly obedient nature of the military, a military leader wouldn’t have much power in war if his or her soldiers only fought in 50% of battles they were commanded to and the other 50% of the time, they picked battles they weren’t commanded to. In a battle, I wouldn’t want to be a solider under a weak military leader, nor be spending the energy being accountable in fighting a battle I didn’t need to. So, in business, my boss is in charge of marketing operations which executes ideas of our company. As a worker for him, I would want represent that the best ideas can be executed so that the company can succeed.

My coworkers and I want to get there. In becoming fully obedient, I have a lot to do. They asked what I was going to do; all I knew was that Jesus was working in me to guide me to be obedient. If I wasn’t a follower of Jesus, there really wouldn’t be any best one reason to be fully obedient. I think one cause of my disobedience is that projects I work on require a lot of brain power, and by changing my priorities, I can give my brain rest when I need it to perform better at work.

When you pursue obedience, you will always see who/what you love most. In my case, I love Jesus so I should want to be obedient to him by working as if I am working for him.

This is what you can do today: ask God which areas of life you might be disobedient and what agenda you might have that is causing the disobedience. Then, ask Jesus to show you how to rearrange your priorities to be more obedient to him.

– Tre

Tre Glore is a Journey Kids Elementary Coordinator and leading an activity Growth Group with a museum and attractions focus. He recently went on a mission trip to asia. His favorite fun activities in city is ice skating at the Standard Hotel and discovering the best of the city like the hot chocolate at City Bakery.