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I Quit Devotion Day Forty One

Ephesians 3:20-21

"Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. Glory to him in the church and in Christ Jesus through all generations forever and ever! Amen."

Have you ever reached that point in your life where you just don’t know what to do?   I can think of at least a handful of times over the last few years that I have felt like that. The most recent experience I had with feeling like this was last June. I packed up my life in Georgia and made the move to New York City with only 2 suitcases and the promise of a job until the end of August.

When I arrived here, I knew no one so I spent a lot of nights and weekends on the rooftop of my building just praying and spending time with God. It was a wonderful time for me spiritually and I grew a lot during that time. But, I still didn’t see how a new graduate living in New York City was going to find a job in just two short months – especially one that would pay the bills and student loans. I was praying that God would provide for me but I wasn’t trusting. I was looking at the circumstance through my finite vision. I wasn’t seeing things from the perspective of my all-knowing, all-powerful, incredibly loving God. As it got down to the last 3 weeks of my job and into what seemed like the 300th job application, I was losing steam. I was preparing myself for the move back to Georgia and the questions about my defeat that I would surely have to face from the people there. But then I remember coming across a verse talking about how God answers prayer and feeling God whisper “Is there anything too big to ask Me?” So, I started praying for big things – for an apartment with rent that was under so much a month, for good roommates, for a job that paid at least so much, for a job by a certain date. And I began to truly acknowledge God’s power with every prayer.

Fast-forward to the day after my summer job ended, I was on a 24-hour bus ride to Georgia to pick up my things. I still didn’t have a job, although I had finally landed a couple of interviews. God had, however, provided a place for me to live and with some amazing people. I was stepping out on the promise that my God could go above and beyond anything I could imagine. Then, about 12 hours into my trip, I got a phone call with an amazing job offer. God had answered my prayers and I knew without a doubt that it was all beyond my control. I had learned to fully rely on God’s strength and He had worked with his mighty power to increase my faith and draw me closer to Himself.

I should add that this doesn’t mean that God always answers our prayers exactly like we think He will or think He should. There have definitely been times in my life when I have prayed with all my strength for God to intercede in a situation but in His infinite wisdom He chose not to. But never once have I emerged on the other side of that situation and resented God. I always come out on the other side stronger and God has always been glorified in the situation in some way. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that when I take my focus off my circumstances and put my focus onto my exceedingly, abundantly powerful and good and loving God my perspective changes drastically and I know that I can make it through my circumstance with God by my side guiding me every step of the way.


Elizabeth Faulkner is a marshmallow connoisseur who lives in Long Island City. She has been attending The Journey for almost two years and loves all the wonderful people she has met. You’ll typically find her sitting in the movie theater chowing down popcorn and a Coke slushie watching a cheesy romcom or nerdy action flick.