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I Quit Devotion Day Forty Three

I Peter 4:10

"God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another."

What do excellent Singers, gold medal Olympians, Military Specialists, and top rated Chefs all have in common? They each have a gift. Each of them has discovered their gift, and are actively using it in their everyday life. What about you? Are you using your gift? If so, are you using it to serve others?
Everybody has at least one gift. How would our lives be different if we continuously built our schedules around serving others by using our unique gifts? How you serve says a lot about the God you serve.
Being a Christian is not a spectator sport; it’s an active relationship. God didn’t put us here to sit on the sidelines. He put us here to actively serve those around us. We are the Church. We are the body. We are his hands and his feet here on earth. We are called to spread the good news and lead others to the Lord. Are we using our gifts to do that? We should be known for how we serve our community. We should be using the gifts we’ve been given to be a positive influence at our homes, schools, work, and throughout the community.
God has gifted each of us with unique talents. He has provided us with the people and the places to serve. It’s up to us to decide to put things into action. The small investment of our time and talent, may be the gift that leads them to the Lord.
So here’s the challenge: Evaluate, Explore, Execute, and Pray.
Evaluate your talents and see where God is leading you.
Explore opportunities to serve at the Journey and throughout the community on a regular basis.
Execute. Just do it. And, do it as often as he leads you to.
Pray to God, asking him to show you opportunities to serve others each day.
Wake up ready and willing. Listen to him leading you throughout your day. Pursue the opportunities he puts in front of you. Make your gift a priority in your daily schedule. Keep in mind, that God blessed you with your talent as a gift. That gift is meant for you to serve others. Even if you’re already serving on a regular basis, take some time to evaluate. Make sure you’re serving in the way that God is calling you to serve right now. If you aren’t serving in a way that he’s calling you to right now, explore and execute a new plan based on what the Lord is calling you to do.
If you need help getting started, contact Tyler Pittis, Pastor of Ministry at The Journey. Pastor Tyler is great at identifying opportunities where people can use their unique gifts to serve others. He is available via email at [email protected].
– Chris
Chris Podvin has been a member of The Journey for the last seven and a half years. He has served as the Director of Volunteers, hosted several growth groups, and is currently serving as a Growth Groups Team Leader. He and his wife, Amber, just celebrated their 20th Anniversary. They have a wonderful son named Hudson, who has grown up in Journey Kidz. Hudson was baptized here at The Journey in 2012. If you’re new to NYC, or have recently become a parent, Chris would be a great resource for you to connect with as you make NYC and The Journey your long-term home.