Even if your financial life seems uncertain, one thing is for sure, GOD is NOT uncertain! In fact in the Bible God shares with us HIS principles for financial success. Principles that if we will apply to our lives will allow us to replace our financial stress with GOD’s financial peace.


How Do I Find Financial Peace?

September 30, 2012 • Kerrick Thomas

Listen as we kick of this series by asking the big question, “How Do I Find Financial Peace?”  That’s a big question but we serve a big God that has given us steps we can take to put Him first in that area of our life and then live out the peace he gives through that obedience.


How Do I Overcome The Desire To Aquire?

October 7, 2012 • Nick Mustakas

Discover how to break the bond of materialism in your life and enjoy what you have. It can be done but you have to listen for the key to this freedom in your life.


How Do I Get Out of Debt?

October 14, 2012 • Kerrick Thomas

Discover a Biblical 9-step plan to eliminate your debt and find financial freedom.  You’ll sleep better at night once you get started.


How Do I Prepare For My Financial Future?

October 21, 2012 • Kerrick Thomas

In this message we discover a Biblical plan for how to prepare for your financial future.


How Do I Honor God With My Money?

October 28, 2012 • Kerrick Thomas

Discover HOW to experience God’s BEST (and His BLESSING!) in your finances.

How Do I Make Wise Financial Decisions?

November 4, 2012 • Kerrick Thomas

Financial Peace isn’t about how much you make. It’s about how much you spend. Discover the FOUR GAME-CHANGING FINANCIAL DECISIONS that will put you on the path to Financial Peace.


How Do I Manage Wealth?

November 11, 2012 • Kerrick Thomas

In this message we discover Five Biblical Principles for how to manage what God has given you.  We don’t want to squander what God has blessed us with.  Find out how to be wise with your resources.


How Do I live Like No One Else?

November 18, 2012 • Kerrick Thomas

With all the debt and bad financial decisions that are being made every day, the truth is, you don’t want to live like everyone else.  Discover how to live like NO ONE ELSE.