The Journey Faith and Life Center offers Seminars on topical teachings about some of the biggest challenges that we face in our lives as a believer, New Yorker, and people. These seminars are led by our Journey Pastors, professionals from our church and other people with expertise in the topics that we host discussions about.
These Faith and Life events are free with your RSVP and are designed for attenders and friends of The Journey Church.
The History and Theology of the New Testament
“Faith and Life Seminar”
Pastor Kerrick Thomas
Tuesday, May 12
7:00pm – 9:30pm

In this seminary-level Journey Faith & Life Seminar, we will explore the history and theology of the New Testament. In this fast-paced seminar, we will walk you from the Gospels, through the early church history, the letters of Paul and the foundational theology of the New Testament. You will leave with a firm grasp of Jesus’ ministry, the growth of the early church and the NT doctrines and theology that shape our understanding of the Christian faith. As a result, you will grow in your faith and in your relationship with God.