The Journey Faith and Life Center offers Seminars on topical teachings about some of the biggest challenges that we face in our lives as a believer, New Yorker, and people. These seminars are led by our Journey Pastors, professionals from our church and other people with expertise in the topics that we host discussions about.
These Faith and Life events are free with your RSVP and are designed for attenders and friends of The Journey Church.
Professionals Breakfast:
“Taking God to Work”
Kerrick Thomas
Wednesday, January 16
7:00am – 8:00am
Join Pastor Kerrick Thomas and other professionals from The Journey in this fun and relaxed environment that includes a free breakfast of bagels, cream cheese, donuts, fruit, coffee, and juice and will give you the spiritual re-charge that you need in the middle of the week. You’ll also meet and network with some other great young professionals in the church.

Plus, everyone who attends will receive a copy of the NEW BOOK – “Taking God to Work” by Steve Reynolds and David Winters. You can even use the book if you sign up for a “Taking God to Work” Growth Group.
Journey Faith and Life:
“The History and Theology of the Ten Commandments”
Pastor Kerrick Thomas
Tuesday, February 5 & Wednesday, February 6
7:00pm – 9:30pm


Few statements have had as great an impact on the world we live in as the 10 Commandments. They are an important part of the Christian faith and they have had a great impact on Western civilization – from our laws, to our sense of morality, to our understanding of justice.

Join us for this special Faith & Life Seminar – The History & Theology of the 10 Commandments to discover answers to these questions and why the 10 Commandments till matter so much to our lives and faith today. Plus – you’ll get prepared for our NEW teaching series The 10 Commandments: God’s Guide to an Extraordinary Life beginning on Sunday, February 10!

Journey Faith and Life:
“The Difference Maker”
Pastor Keni Epp
Wednesday, April 9
7:00pm – 9:30pm


In this exciting class, we will all learn how we can better share our faith with those around us by knowing and being able to articulate our story in a clear way. We will also examine several different approaches to practical evangelism that will help us share our faith with those in our lives that are far from God. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity!