Accepting God’s Invitation

Sunday, October 22

God has an agenda. He’s had a plan for our world long before you and I ever took our first breath. And one of the most incredible things for us is this – God invites you and me to participate in His mission for the world. This Sunday, we find out how to truly accept this amazing invitation.

Journey Kidz


Journey Kidz is a fun, creative, educational experience for your kids from birth to 5th grade. Our goal is to make it the best hour of your child’s week.

Free Coffee & Donuts


Whether you’ve already had breakfast or you got out the door in just enough time to get to church, we’ve got you covered with free coffee and donuts.

Practical Teaching Powerful Music


At every Journey service you’ll experience a practical message that you’ll be able to understand and apply to your life and music that you’ll be singing all week long.

Three Great Manhattan Locations To Choose From