Home Alone:
Overcoming the Loneliness of Christmas

Sunday, December 8

For many people – Christmas can be the loneliest time of the year. The loneliness that you feel other times of the year can be magnified. You are made aware that you are not married. The loss of a loved one becomes more present. You’re reminded of your failures in the last year. But God doesn’t want us to be lonely. He created us for community. And in this message, we share some simple steps to help you choose connection (to God and to others) instead of isolation this holiday.

Free Christmas Pictures for you and your family!

Attend any Journey service and get a Christmas picture taken by a professional photographer. Dress in your Christmas best and either before or after any service, stop by and have your picture taken.

Three Manhattan Locations
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You’ll experience the same practical teaching, powerful worship and exciting experience for your kids at every location so choose the one that’s most convenient for you.

The Journey
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The Journey
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The Journey
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The Journey
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The best hour of the week for your children!

And a special Bible lesson, games, and activities for your children. For fifth grade and under during the worship service.

A Free Book Just For Every First-Time Guest!

Every first-time guest on Sunday will receive a free copy of Unshakable Standing Strong When Things Go Wrong.

Free Starbucks Coffee at Every Service Just For You!

We’ll have plenty of Free Starbucks coffee to go around so skip the line and head straight to The Journey for your caffeine needs.

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